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"The mission of Oh Hey Threads is to share the love of Jesus through super-soft t-shirts."

I started Oh Hey Threads to make affordable, super soft t-shirts with great designs, without having to steal someone's lunch money. So I launched Oh Hey Threads so people could do just that.

I didn't want to limit people to just a few design options, so I made an option where people could give us their ideas for a t-shirt. We don't claim to be perfect or to be the only ones with great ideas so we decided to list the names of people on the website whose ideas we use and send them a free t-shirt with their design as a thank you every time we use their ideas.

But another big reason I started Oh Hey Threads was to help spread the gospel of Christ. At the time, missionaries were being sent home because they lacked the funds to stay in country where they were serving so diligently. But I didn't want to only help missionaries. I wanted to help pastors, church plants, those working in inner cities, those trying to rescue orphans, and any organization or person who was faithfully serving Christ. So each month we give a portion of all profits to help these people continue reaching others and sharing the gospel.

My genuine hope has always been that this would be greater than t-shirts. But that t-shirts would give us a way to make a greater impact on the world around us.

- Andrew

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