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  • Why is Oh Hey Threads different?
    We not only offer great t-shirts at affordable prices, but we offer subscription options to get t-shirts for even cheaper! With our subscriptions we don't choose which shirt you get, you get to choose! So if there is a shirt you really liked and want again, or a shirt you want to get for someone else you can do that with your subscription. We also donate part of all our sales each month to a different group or organization who is serving and doing good in their neighborhood and communities. This portion of sales goes to help them continue serving their community. Want to know more? Visit our About Us page!
  • What is your privacy policy?
    We never share your information with a third party. What is a third party? Well we are the first party, you are the second party, and anyone else would be a third party. We figure that 2 is a party and 3 is a crowd. We hate crowds. Plus, we figured the third parties probably have enough information already. For more information you can read our privacy policy here.
  • Is it safe to enter my credit card or personal information on this website?
    We do not store any credit card information on this site. That is handled by our payment processor Paypal and Stripe, the best in the business. And we never share your personal information with anyone else.
  • How do I enter a discount/coupon code?
    Go to my cart and click the "Apply Coupon" button. There you can enter your valid coupon code.
  • What are the size dimensions of your apparel?
    Length is measured from top to bottom of shirt Width is measure on the front of shirt from side to side Length Width Small: 28 18 Medium: 29 20 Large: 30 22 X-Large: 31 24 2X: 32 26 3X: 33 28 4X: 34 30
  • I didn't receive my order, now what?"
    If you haven't already contacted our support team please do so within 30 days of your order. We would be happy to assist you and look into the situation. Please make sure the address on your order is correct.
  • How long does it take to receive an order?
    All orders are shipped within 1 business day of the order. Your order should arrive between 3-10 business days.
  • My order was shipped to a previous/invalid address. What should I do?
    If you no longer have access to your previous address please send us a message so we can provide further information to your specific situation. Our shipping service does not include the forwarding of any order with your mail to an updated address. Any forwarding fees incurred will not be reimbursed or credited to your subscription.
  • How can I track my order?
    When your item has shipped you should receive an email with a tracking number. If you lost the email or simply can't find send us an email at and we would be glad to give you the tracking number.
  • If I subscribe how often am I charged?
    For 1 month subscriptions you are charged at the time you subscribe and then the same date each month based on when you signed up. For 3, 6, and 12 months you are charged at the time you subscribe and then the same date each subscription period.
  • How do I cancel my subscription
    Log into your paypal account at, go to settings (looks like a gear), click on "payments" on the top bar, and then click on "manage pre-approved payments". There you will be able to manage or cancel all of your paypal subscriptions. We have also placed a cancel subscription button at the bottom of the Subscriptions page.
  • When I sign up for a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription is it all charged up front?"
    Yes, when signing up for a multi-month subscription you are charged the full price when you sign up in order to receive the discounted price.
  • What payment options are accepted for subscriptions?
    Paypal is required for all subscriptions. Paypal is a free account that keeps all of your personal information safe. Through paypal you can use any bank account or credit/debit cards you have in your account.
  • How much does a subscription cost?
    The cost of subscription vary depending on what time frame you decide to subscribe for. The longer you subscribe for the better deal you get! Subscription prices are as follows: 1 month - $21* a month + shipping 3 months - $20* a month + shipping (Total of $60 + shipping) 6 months - $18* a month + shipping (Total of $108 + shipping) 12 months - $15* a month + shipping (Total of $180 + shipping) *additional charges for 2X-4X size shirts
  • I signed up for 1 month why did I get billed again?
    All of our subscriptions automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription log into your paypal account.
  • When I subscribe when will I receive my t-shirt each month?
    When you subscribe you will receive an email with a coupon code at the beginning of each month. You can use that code on our website to choose any shirt you want. Just enter the coupon code when checking out.
  • How do I upgrade my subscription?
    In order to upgrade your subscription you will have to cancel your current subscription (see "How do I cancel my subscription") and then sign up for the subscription you want.
  • If I cancel in the middle of a subscription will I still get the t-shirts I paid for?
    Yes! You will always receive all the items you have paid for.
  • I did not receive my t-shirt code this month, what should I do?"
    All subscription codes for t-shirts are sent out during the first week of the month. If the first week has passed and you still have not received your t-shirt code and have not already contacted our support team, please do so within 2 weeks. We would be happy to assist you and look into the situation.
  • How do I enter the coupon code for my shirt?
    After adding the item of your choice to your cart, go to my cart, In my cart click the "Apply Coupon" button. There you can enter your valid coupon code(s) for your shirt.
  • I ordered the wrong size
    No worries! Simply contact us with your order number and return the unused item. We will send out your corrected item size after we receive your returned item.
  • How do I return an item?
    Send your unused and unwashed item to the return address. When we receive the undamaged item your account will be reimbursed.
  • My order arrived incomplete or damaged.
    We hate when that happens too. Please send us an email at
  • I have a t-shirt design idea. Can you print it?
    All design idea can be submitted on our Submit a Design page. All designs are considered, and if we print your idea you will receive one free t-shirt with your design.
  • Do you print custom orders?
    Yes we do! If you wish to place a custom order please visit our Custom Orders page and fill out the form. If you have a t-shirt idea, but do not want to order multiple shirts, you can submit your idea on our Submit a Design page. If we decide to print your idea you will receive a free t-shirt with your design!
  • Do you have a minimum order for custom orders?
    Yes, we require that you place an order of at least 8 shirts.
  • What is the mission spotlight?
    Each month we highlight a different organization or cause that is having a positive impact in their community and/or the world. The organziation or cause chosen each month is the "mission spotlight". The mission spotlight is given a percentage of all sales that month to help further their cause to change the world. To learn about each month's mission spotlight visit the mission spotlight page!
  • How much is the mission spotlight given?
    The monthly mission spotlight is given a percentage of all profits. A greater percentage is given to orders with 3 or more items, purchases of the highlighted mission tee, and new subscriptions.
  • How do I nominate someone for the mission spotlight?
    To nominate a person, organization, or cause for our mission spotlight go here.
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